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Does SilverTech provide content management systems?
  • Yes, in addition to a robust custom solution that requires minimal training, support, and maintenance, SilverTech has partnered with Ektron, Drupal, Sitecore, Percussion and others to offer up 3rd party system integration.
Has SilverTech integrated with my core processor?
  • Most likely! SilverTech has worked with companies such as Metavante, S1, FiServe, Jack Henry, Gold Leaf, and others. Generally the integration consists of SilverTech simply supplying style sheets to those companies for consistent branding.
Has SilverTech Integrated with Mortgage Bot?
  • As the leader in the industry, SilverTech has provided style sheets and branding guidelines to many Mortgage Bot partners to keep a consistant look and feel.
Why would SilverTech develop custom online forms for applications?
  • SilverTech has developed secure online applications for business loans, personal loans, and general consumer loans for banks that want more control over the reporting and general look and feel of their online forms. There are many ways to handle these forms securely and generally SilverTech prefers to work with each customer independently to identify the best path.
Do I need to be SAS70 for my marketing website?
  • This is easily one of the most common questions we get. Generally the answer is no. Unless you have custom secure forms, your marketing website collects no confidential data and therefore generally doesn't need to be regulated like the back end systems do. Your 3rd party processors will always fall under those guidelines but your website most likely will not. SAS70 compliance comes in a variety of levels and should be discussed in detail with SilverTech and your regulatory officers.
Can we ensure some sort of audit trail for online changes?
  • Yes, this is one of the most requested features in our Content Management Tool. SilverTech can develop a method based on your needs to ensure that you can review edits to areas of the website for a pre-determined length of time (often 1-2 years).
How is SilverTech different from having our core processor design our site?
  • This is a completely different process. SilverTech is much more of a custom solution where we want to identify how your bank or credit union is unique. What makes you different from another competing bank across the street? We will review analytics, search engine optimization terms, and in many cases walk through your competitors to get a sense of what their personalities are like. We then deliver a custom solution in design and function based on the goals and needs of your financial institution.
Can SilverTech host our website? Or provide general hosting?
  • SilverTech can provide general hosting for your marketing website as low as $50.00 per month in a highly secured and monitored environment.
Does SilverTech provide website traffic/analytics?
  • Yes, we will include Google Analytics or Urchin Reporting with our hosting packages.
Besides building our website what else can SilverTech do to help our brand?
  • We provide integrated solutions to help your brand flourish and continue to grow in the ever changing digital world. Extensive strategy research, web analytics review, search engine optimization campaigns and user experience testing are just some of the services our expert strategists provide. Long term relationships are developed with our clients, allowing our team to collaborative marketing efforts that allow our clients to succeed and exceed most goals.
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